@reframeartReframe your view of the art world at the RE[FRAME] Arts Industry Conference on Saturday, September 26, 2015. Presented by 3.9 Art Collective and produced by A Simple Collective, RE[FRAME] is a unique look at all aspects of the art industry through the eyes and experience of black artists and arts professionals.

Hosted by the Museum of the African Diaspora from 11am to 5pm, RE[FRAME] will present discussion forums on industry trends, multidisciplinary works by black artists, and professional development workshops. Portfolio reviews and networking opportunities will also be provided. Open to everyone, RE[FRAME] positions black creatives as experts and leaders, rather than in the margins.

Re[present], re[examine], re[connect], re[fresh]…RE[FRAME] Arts Industry Conference, examining the industry of arts through an African American lens.

RE[FRAME] Art Industry Conference
Saturday, September 26, 11am-6pm
Museum of the African Diaspora

3.9 art collective    A Simple Collective

Museum of the African Diaspora    Southern Exposure    SFMOMA