Profile: Kristine Mays

Kristine Mays is a sculptor working in heavy gauge metal wire. Her latest accomplishments include being awarded the 2015 Grand Finale Winner of the 5th Annual Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series competition, creation of a public mural in San Francisco, and a solo show at the Scope Art Fair in New York City. Kristine Mays is also the creator of a “Hearts of SF” sculpture, a public sculpture work which benefits the SF General Hospital and Trauma Center. Kristine Mays has been featured in numerous shows throughout San Francisco and the state of California. Mays has raised thousands of dollars for AIDS research through the sale of her work. In addition, she has worked with organizations like the UCSF Alliance Health Project, Visual Aid and WE-ACTx. Her work has received local and national press. Collectors of her work include an eclectic mix of people, with her work displayed in many homes and private collections throughout the USA.


“As I take hundreds of pieces of wire and breathe life into them, I strive to reveal the souls of individuals within each piece. Through creating garments from pieces of wire — looped and hooked together, I allow the viewer the option of focusing on the exterior as they look at a beautiful garment, or reflecting within as the invisible occupant is revealed through the sculpted folds and wrinkles. My desire is to freeze frame a moment, a gesture, a movement that reveals the essence and personality within. My natural inclination has been to create work that speaks of women. I find myself echoing strong women who have come before me. The sculptures look fragile and soft and yet are solid and strong, reminiscent of a foundation of sorts.” – Kristine Mays

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